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Times Online Review

Daniel Bettridge writes a piece about Last Exit to Nowhere in his Times Online article “Geek Chic: 10 perfect T-shirts for a Summer of blockbusters.”:

“Did I fall asleep and wake up in some kind of bizzaro world? Suddenly it’s cool to be a geek. I mean really cool.

Finally our time has come my geeky brethren. No longer must we huddle together in the darkened corners of comic book stores; instead we are free to walk the earth without fear of derision from our peers. Geek is officially chic, but never fear if you weren’t lucky enough to win a spiffy Rorschach hoodie in our Watchmen competition, as the Internet is awash with nerdy apparel. Here are just a few of our favourites from the dressing up box of awesomeness that’s the Internet.

Sometimes you want your geekiness to run up and slap people round the face with a comically sized fish, and sometimes you want it to creep up on them. Last Exit To Nowhere specialise in the latter with t-shirts that only you and the other 10% of insiders in the population will get, like this OCP company shirt from the Robocop movies.”



Last Exit to Nowhere T-Shirt Gift Guide

by Douglas Polisin | Published December 11, 2008

With only a handful of shopping days left, finding that special gift for a movie lover can sometimes turn into an elusive search for rare movies, expensive box sets, strange action figures and vintage memorabilia. But for those people who don’t have the time to bid on eBay all day and want the perfect holiday gift for a movie lover, Last Exit to Nowhere has the solution: A movie themed T-shirt.

With dozens of T-shirts sporting fictionalized logos, places and phrases from your favorite blockbusters, indies and classics, Last Exit to Nowhere is the place to go for all your movie lover shopping needs. The only problem is which shirt to choose. Luckily, MovieMaker put together this gift guide to streamline the process and ensure you have more time for wrapping presents.

Amity Island T-shirt
Make a big splash with this T-shirt, which is perfect for those beach-goers afraid to get their toes wet. From Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, patrons of the fictionalized summer resort town of Amity Island know that there’s nothing better than a nice, refreshing midnight skinny-dip in the ocean to relax. Also a great shirt for those who “need a bigger boat.”

Nostromo T-shirt
Are you looking for a gift for that aspiring astronaut or space traveler? How about for that slimy egg or drooling alien enthusiast? Well, then this is the perfect shirt. Those who have seen Ridley Scott’s Alien know that when you hop aboard the Nostromo spaceship, you’re not only hauling mineral ore through space… you’re harboring a small alien in your chest.

The Slaughtered Lamb T-shirt
For those on your list who like to drink beer and blood, there has never been a better shirt. While legend holds that this local pub would smear the blood of a lamb on its door to keep werewolves at bay, John Landis’ classic An American Werewolf in London proved that even werewolves like a good beer… drinker. Get this shirt for someone and they’ll be howling at the moon for days.

Mighty Mick’s Boxing T-shirt
A must-have shirt for all those who box and enjoy fighting, as well as those looking to get into shape after the New Year. And if you know of someone planning on running up the steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, this is the perfect top to do it in. With this Rocky T-shirt, you’ll be in great shape (at least in terms of gift-giving).

Cyberdyne T-shirt
The perfect gift for that brainy scientist or engineer in the family, the Cyberdyne T-shirt just screams, “I know how to create a super race of machines bent on killing all humans!” But, if there’s any truth to The Terminator, that won’t happen for another 20 years or so—just enough time to bask in the glory of your great gift giving. Because with a T-shirt like this, you’ll never have to say, “I’ll be back” with a better gift.


Mens Fitness Magazine

Mens Fitness Magazine wrote a great article on Last Exit to Nowhere in their recent edition. Our T-shirts are also available in 2XL sizes!


Tom Ford

Tom Ford was spotted wearing our ED-209 T-shirt on tonight’s Fifth Gear programme.


Roy wears our Overlook T-shirt

We spotted Roy (Chris O’Dowd from the International Emmy Award-winning British sitcom The IT Crowd) wearing our Overlook Hotel T-shirt last night on the box. A fantastic episode – If you didn’t see it, we recommend you catch it again at


Empire's Christmas Wishlist

Our T-shirts are featured in Empire’s Christmas Wishlist! Ho ho ho:

Cryptic Movie Tie-In T-Shirts
There’s nothing wrong with wearing movie t-shirts but they are a bit… well, obvious. Plastering Iron Man across your chest is all well and good but to the world at large it screams just one thing: Geek! Far better to take the subtle route offered by Last Exit To Nowhere, which provides oblique references to films without overtly declaring them. Dapper Dan hair wax from O Brother, Where Art Though, A Hill Valley High t-shirt from Back To The Future or even the Weyland Yutani logo from Aliens. Last Exit has an impressive collection of in-the-know shirts for your perusal and the best part? Only those equally geeky will have any idea what they mean.