Last Exit to Nowhere

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Mens Fitness Magazine

Mens Fitness Magazine wrote a great article on Last Exit to Nowhere in their recent edition. Our T-shirts are also available in 2XL sizes!


Tom Ford

Tom Ford was spotted wearing our ED-209 T-shirt on tonight’s Fifth Gear programme.


Roy wears our Overlook T-shirt

We spotted Roy (Chris O’Dowd from the International Emmy Award-winning British sitcom The IT Crowd) wearing our Overlook Hotel T-shirt last night on the box. A fantastic episode – If you didn’t see it, we recommend you catch it again at


Empire's Christmas Wishlist

Our T-shirts are featured in Empire’s Christmas Wishlist! Ho ho ho:

Cryptic Movie Tie-In T-Shirts
There’s nothing wrong with wearing movie t-shirts but they are a bit… well, obvious. Plastering Iron Man across your chest is all well and good but to the world at large it screams just one thing: Geek! Far better to take the subtle route offered by Last Exit To Nowhere, which provides oblique references to films without overtly declaring them. Dapper Dan hair wax from O Brother, Where Art Though, A Hill Valley High t-shirt from Back To The Future or even the Weyland Yutani logo from Aliens. Last Exit has an impressive collection of in-the-know shirts for your perusal and the best part? Only those equally geeky will have any idea what they mean.




Last Exit T-shirts now in Forbidden Planet Megastores

For a limited time only a selection of our T-shirts are available in Forbidden Planet Megastores. Click on the image to find store information.


The IT Crowd: Version 3

Last Exit T-shirts used in the new series of The IT Crowd

The third instalment of the brilliant ‘The IT Crowd’ written by Graham Linehan (Father Ted, Black Books) returns to our screens at the end of November. We were honoured when they asked us for a handful of Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts for Chris O’Dowd’s character, Roy. Click on the image to visit The IT crowd website and make sure you tune in to watch the new series.