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Thanks to all.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all the great people we met over the weekend at NEC’s Memorabilia Show – including our good friend Robocop, from the non-profit making charity fundraisers Star Warriors (click on the image for more info about them). Thanks to all involved for making it a successful event.

Memorabilia November 2008


Empire's Christmas Wishlist

Our T-shirts are featured in Empire’s Christmas Wishlist! Ho ho ho:

Cryptic Movie Tie-In T-Shirts
There’s nothing wrong with wearing movie t-shirts but they are a bit… well, obvious. Plastering Iron Man across your chest is all well and good but to the world at large it screams just one thing: Geek! Far better to take the subtle route offered by Last Exit To Nowhere, which provides oblique references to films without overtly declaring them. Dapper Dan hair wax from O Brother, Where Art Though, A Hill Valley High t-shirt from Back To The Future or even the Weyland Yutani logo from Aliens. Last Exit has an impressive collection of in-the-know shirts for your perusal and the best part? Only those equally geeky will have any idea what they mean.




Last Exit T-shirts now in Forbidden Planet Megastores

For a limited time only a selection of our T-shirts are available in Forbidden Planet Megastores. Click on the image to find store information.