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Josh receives 3 T-shirts of his choice from our range for winning our ‘Best Picture of September 2009’ competition with this striking zombie execution image. Nice work Josh! If you have any ideas you’d like to submit for our October comp, then send them in to us at for a chance to win. Good luck.

NEW Men's Fitted T-shirts

Men's fitted T-shirts

For those of you who can get away with it we have a brand new range of Men’s fitted T-shirts available! These T-shirts are a fashion fit and are deliberately tighter around the arms and waist. Click on the image above to see the current designs available in this style.

Stick 'Em Up Winner

Another Stick' Em Up Winner

Michael Robinson wins 3 T-shirts from our range for this great image taken at the M Street steps in Washington, DC. – the infamous location where Father Karras plummets to his death in The Exorcist. With every purchase you make from us you should receive a complimentary Last Exit to Nowhere ‘EXIT’ sticker. Use it in an interesting way and send us pictures of it for a chance to win 3 T-shirts from our range too. This competition isn’t limited by a timescale and winners are chosen at our discretion. Send entries to – it’s all about the placement!

Little White Lies Interview

Little White Lies

Adam Woodward (Little White Lies) writes:

“In a society where art and taste have become a perma-fixture of personal paraphernalia, the inherent geekiness of cinema still requires an element of discretion. Last Exit to Nowhere, then, is the movie geek’s Mecca.

Paying homage to some of the most memorable places, companies and corporations in cinematic history from Goodfellas to Brazil; The Italian Job to Jaws, Ford’s distinctive array of faux-brand merch is thoughtful, colourful and occasionally bordering on out right genius. To put it simply, Ford knows his shit, and his eye for an in-joke makes Last Exit one of the coolest companies of its kind. Ford recently gave LWLies the low down on his unique film fashion site.”

Read the full interview by clicking on the image above.

NEW Halloween homage T-shirt

Haddonfield T-shirt

Inspired by the fictional town in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic ‘Halloween’ and brand new to the Last Exit to Nowhere range are these stylish Haddonfield T-shirts – a must have for any horror movie aficionado.



I love Bladerunner, therefore I require these t-shirts.

How did I not know about this film-themed online t-shirt shop before? Last Exit to Nowhere has several really nice Bladerunner-themed t-shirt designs. What set you from? Nexus 6. What’s yo hood? Off World Colonies. And More Human Than Human is Our Motto. Also, dig this 2001: A Space Odyssey design. I require one of each immediately.