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Best Picture of May 2011

Best Picture of May 2011

Emily Rogers wins our Best Picture of May Competition for recreating this memorable scene from Alien, on what appears to be a beach. If you’re going to spend time on the beach what better way to do it! You too could win 3 T-shirts yourself if you have a go at entering this month. All images must have a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere and can be anything from a sketch to a full on photoshop masterclass. Please send your entries to:

An homage to True Romance

Heroes for Sale

Brand new design to the Last Exit range, inspired by the fictional comic shop Christian Slater’s character works for in the American crime classic True Romance. Illustration by DC/Marvel artist Matt Haley.

Great quote from John Knoll of Industrial Light & Magic

Industrial Light & Magic

We were flattered to say the least, when John Knoll (best known for his work as Visual Effects Supervisor on the Star Wars films and one of the original creators of Adobe Photoshop) had this to say about Last Exit to Nowhere recently:

“Great designs, great ideas, high quality shirts. Brilliant!“
- John Knoll, Visual Effects Supervisor – Industrial Light & Magic

30 Second Homemade Movie Competition

The 30 Second Homemade Movie Comp

We are pleased to announce our new 30 Second Homemade Movie Competition. For the chance to win 10 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts follow these simple rules:

1. Make your own 30 second homemade movie on your phone, video camera, cine camera, whatever.
2. Upload your movie to YouTube or Vimeo
3. Send the link to us: before 31st May 2011 – All images must have a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere in some way. The Winner will be announced 1st June 2011. Good luck! Aaaaaand, action!

Best Picture of April 2011

Best Picture April 2011

Michael Robinson wins April’s Best Picture Picture Competion with this great image from a roadside attraction in Virginia called Dinosaur Land. Thanks again to all the who sent in their images to us this month. If you’d like to enter May’s Best Picture Competition then email your image to: All entries must include a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere in some way.