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Best Picture October 2010

Sloth love Chunk!

Sloth love Chunk! Mike Dialynas from Athens sent us this superb illustration of Sloth from The Goonies and wins our Best Picture of the Month Competition. Many thanks to everyone that entered this month – we appreciate all your efforts. If you’d like to have a go at winning 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts for yourself, then send us your photo/image to:

Pixar Animation Studios

Pixar Animation Studios

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks once again to all the wonderfully creative people we met at Pixar Animation Studios on Monday. We came away with the feeling that we had truly won Wonka’s Golden Ticket. Click on the image to see some selected highlights of our visit.

Outpost #31 - A homage to John Carpenter's The Thing

Outpost 31 T-shirt

“We’re a thousand miles from nowhere, man. And it’s gonna get a hell of a lot worse before it gets any better!” We’ve recently reworked our The Thing homage T-shirt ‘Outpost #31’. It’s now available as a white and faded green screen print on a regular fit, 100% ultra cotton olive green t-shirt.

Sam Witwer

Sam Witwer

LucasArts actor Sam Witwer, the voice, face and body of Force Unleashed hero, Starkiller wearing our Lao Che Airfreight T-shirt.

A homage to Trading Places

Duke and Duke T-shirt

“Pay up, Mortimer. I’ve won the bet.” Warm yellow and white breast print on a regular fit, 100% ultra cotton brown t-shirt. Inspired by the fictional commodities brokers featured in the 1983 film Trading Places starring Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd. Now on sale!



Mike O’Donoghue receives 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts of his choice for winning our Best Picture of September 2010 Competition. Mike writes: “Being a bit of a technophobe I’d rather wrestle with anything other than PhotoShop, even a Werewolf! (well ok, an Irish Wolfhound.. but who needs to know?!) No humans were harmed in the making of these photos!! ….although one T-Shirt has a lot of paw prints now. I hope you enjoy the results. More importantly, I hope you enjoy them enough to send me 3 T-Shirts this month! If you do, please send them before the next full moon… Remember: Stick to the Roads and Stay off the moors!”

Many thanks to everyone that entered this month, we really appreciate all entries. If you’d like to have a go yourself this month, please send in your image to: