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Best Picture July 2010

Best Picture July 2010

Once again this month it’s been really difficult selecting the winner of the Best Picture of the Month Competition with the amount of great images we’ve received, but we’ve finally selected this awesome The Terminator inspired image from Hugo Silva. Hugo wins 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts for his efforts. Our runners-up feature in the Gallery section of our website winning 1 T-shirt each. Many thanks to everyone that entered this month, we really appreciate all entries. If you’d like to have a go yourself this month, please send in your photo/image to:

A homage to The Breakfast Club

Shermer High T-shirt

“Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place.” Shermer High, Shermer Illinois T-shirt inspired by John Hughes’ brilliant 1985 film The Breakfast Club.

Mr. Hallorann. What is in Room 237?

A2 screenprint homage to The Shining

A two colour screenprint on dark brown A3 card. A homage to The Shining, based upon the iconic carpet design in the fictional Overlook Hotel. Click on the image for more information.

Kneel for General Zod

Kneel for General Zod A3 Screenprint

KNEEL! Son of Jor-El. A three colour screen print on A2 natural white premium stock at 280 gsm. A homage to Superman II with love and respect to Shepard Fairey and Terence Stamp.

Ghost Busters homage T-shirt

Venkman Stantz Spengler Paranormal Studies T-shirt

A brand new design to the Last Exit to Nowhere range is this glow in the dark screen print on a regular fit, 100% ultra cotton black t-shirt. Inspired by the Columbia University Paranormal Studies team in the first part of the film Ghost Busters. (The reason Ernie Hudson’s character Winston Zeddemore isn’t featured in this particular design is because he joined the team after they had left University when Ghost Busters was already established).

Best Picture of June 2010

Best Picture of June Competition Winner

Beware the Moon! Richard McAuliffe from Wales sent us this superb lycanthrope image in mid shapeshift and wins 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts from the range. A big thanks once again to all who entered this month. Some of the images that didn’t win the competition can be found in our Gallery section. Stay tuned for more information about this month’s new competition.