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Best Picture of June 2011

Best Picture of June 2011

The winner of this month’s Best Picture Competition is Ludivine Lenoir from Lille in France, with this great The Shining inspired photograph. Ludivine wins 3 Last Exit T-shirts of her choice from our range. If you want to submit an image for our next Best Picture competition then please send your entries to All images must have a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere in some way.

Horror Weaponry 1973-2011

Evil Never Dies T-shirt

Earlier in the year we ran a competition asking you to send in your suggestions for the most infamous weapons used in horror films. From the results we came up with this new T-shirt design incorporating various different tools of the trade. Click on the image for further information.

An homage to Event Horizon

U.S.A.C. Lewis & Clark T-shirt

“You can’t leave. She won’t let you.” Inspired by the fictional rescue vessel in the 1997 science fiction horror film Event Horizon and brand new to the Last Exit to Nowhere range. On sale for all U.S.A.C. recruits from today.

Best Picture of May 2011

Best Picture of May 2011

Emily Rogers wins our Best Picture of May Competition for recreating this memorable scene from Alien, on what appears to be a beach. If you’re going to spend time on the beach what better way to do it! You too could win 3 T-shirts yourself if you have a go at entering this month. All images must have a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere and can be anything from a sketch to a full on photoshop masterclass. Please send your entries to:

30 Second Homemade Movie Winners

Many thanks to all the creative people who submitted their entries for our 30 Second Homemade Movie. Once again it was a hard decision choosing the winners, but all participants will receive a free Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirt for entering.

The winners are as follows:

1st place – Josh Franklin (wins 10 T-shirts)


2nd place – Graham Neale (wins 6 T-shirts)


3rd place – Tatjana Braun (wins 3 T-shirts)

Thanks again to all involved. Stay tuned for another 30 Second Homemade Movie Competition later in the year!