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I love Bladerunner, therefore I require these t-shirts.

How did I not know about this film-themed online t-shirt shop before? Last Exit to Nowhere has several really nice Bladerunner-themed t-shirt designs. What set you from? Nexus 6. What’s yo hood? Off World Colonies. And More Human Than Human is Our Motto. Also, dig this 2001: A Space Odyssey design. I require one of each immediately.

Playboy Russia

Playboy Russia August 2009

The August edition of Playboy Russia reached us today – it features a double-page spread on Last Exit to Nowhere. Nice.


Last Exit to Nowhere feature in the August edition of Wired Magazine…

Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts

Recognise the Tyrell Corporation’s logo? Wouldn’t let HAL 9000 anywhere near your Wi-Fi? Know where the Overlook Hotel is? Then Last Exit to Nowhere has the T-shirts for you. Anyone can wear a shirt bearing the name of their favourite film, but these shirts go way beyond that, showcasing obscure fictional brand names and locations from dozens of cult sci-fi, horror and comedy movies.

Wired Magazine 2009


“The definition of geek-chic – Last Exit to Nowhere should be your first stop for movie tees” Sci-Fi Now

Sci-Fi Now



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Brazil: Central Services T-shirt

Last Exit to Nowhere—we’ve discussed them before. They make badass shirts around fictional products, places and companies. The fact I have no money—we’ve discussed that before as well. These two things, when brought together…can be pretty goddamn dangerous. So when ScottC sent me the link to this and I saw “Central Services” in the URL…my mind said, “Don’t be black don’t be black don’t be—OH! You BASTARDS!”

Because the movie Brazil is just fantastic. And because black is the one color that will suit…my individual taste. So. I’m buying mine today…you too can succumb by clicking here. Tell them we said hi. And that we think they’re bastards…but we say that with all love and respect.



Blockbuster writes:

Win a Movie inspired T-shirt from Last Exit To Nowhere!

We’ve teamed up with Last Exit To Nowhere to offer 10 lucky winners a T-shirt of their choice from the ever-growing range available online at

From its earliest days, Hollywood has been slipping in-jokes into its movies, a nod to the wise; a certain something that film buffs can relate to whilst passing most of the audience by. Until recently however, film related T-shirts were as subtle as a sledgehammer – quite rightly, turning up at the pub wearing one that depicted a neon effigy of Yoda deserved a slap from your pals! Thank heavens for the geniuses at Last Exit to Nowhere whose range of T-shirts featuring movie related logos, businesses and locations allows even the most geeky of movie nerds to show their devotion to their favourite flick without looking, well, like a geek! Ultra-stylish yet cunningly subtle, the T-shirt’s reference will only be picked up on by those in the know; everyone else will just think you dress well!

From Alien to WithNail & I, via Shaun of the Dead and The Goonies, new designs are constantly being added, so showing some love for your favourite has never been easier. Ever wanted to be one of the ‘Little Lebowski Urban Achievers’ or how about sporting a souvenir from that summer you spent on Amity Island, now’s your chance!