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British Film Institute

Last Exit T-shirts in the British Film Institute

Home to ‘The Times BFI London Film Festival’, the prestigious British Film Institute, Southbank now has a selection of our T-shirts for sale. Click on the image to see What’s On.


Simon Pegg wears our Dawn of the Dead homage t-shirt, WGON TV

Scott Campbell sent us this great picture of Edgar Wright, Jessica Hynes and Simon Pegg from San Diego’s Comic Con. Simon Pegg looks particularly smart in our Dawn of the Dead homage t-shirt, WGON TV.


Ed Byrne

Ed Byrne on BBC2 wearing our United States Colonial Marines T-shirt.

The Irish comedian Ed Byrne was on the BBC‘s ‘Mock The Week’ last night sporting a rather nifty Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirt. As well as being a top comedian, he’s also got great dress sense. Click on the picture to visit his website.


Andrew Stanton wearing our ED-209 T-shirt

Writer and director Andrew Stanton wearing our limited edition ED-209 T-shirt in the production of the computer-animated adventure/comedy/science fiction masterpiece… Wall-E.

“It’s a movie geek’s oasis. So glad to see new additions to the catalog too. And I love wearing them to Pixar (a movie-geek Mecca) to see who is worthy of making the connection of the t-shirt logo w/ the movie. Thanks for such a great site.” Andrew Stanton.



Coolest Movie T-Shirts Ever!
by Erik Davis May 20th 2008 // 2:02PM

A friend of mine emailed this morning with a link to this site and one simple question: “Which t-shirt are you buying?” After checking out said website, the question then became: Which t-shirt am I NOT buying? Over at Last Exit to Nowhere, they specialize in creating movie t-shirts. Ah, but these aren’t just your run-of-the-mill shirts, see — they’re so much better. The site’s intro description says it’s “home to a collection of unique shirt designs which are inspired and pay homage to some of the most memorable places, corporations and companies in modern fiction – from the sunny shores of Amity Island (Jaws) to the frozen climes of Outpost #31 (The Thing).”

Oh yes, that’s the Little Lebowski urban achievers t-shirt to the right of your screen; they also have shirts for Hudsucker Industries (Hudsucker Proxy), Skynet (Terminator series), Shawshank State Prison (Shawshank Redemption), and much more. Then there’s the random shirts like the Stovington Academy shirt Jack Nicholson wore in The Shining, a Polymer Records shirt from This is Spinal Tap, and a shirt wearing the logo of the fictional TV station from Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Insanity, I tell you! So many awesome shirts — honey, consider this month’s paycheck officially blown. Check out all the shirts over at Last Exit to Nowhere …


Movie Maker reviews Last Exit to Nowhere

Movie Maker Magazine (Spring 2008) wrote this about us:

‘Last Exit to Film Geekdom.’ Film Geeks like to show off; it’s in their job description. Whether it’s debating the merits of Lars von Trier or discussing which Evil Dead film is the true masterpiece, it’s just what they do. Thanks to entrepreneur Mike Ford, what they do has just gotten a bit easier to show off.

Ford’s U.K.-based company, Last Exit to Nowhere, sells T-shirts based on fictional companies and locations from films. Although the movies represented tend to skew toward cult favourties (designs include the Winchester Tavern from Shaun of the Dead, the Urban Achievers from The Big Lebowski and Jaws’ Amity Island), Ford says this was not deliberate.

“I wouldn’t say I was directing the T-shirts to any particular group,” he says. “The films represented in the Last Exit to Nowhere collection have to mean something to me first and foremost, and it just happens that many of our customers agree.”

This decision has caused film fanatics to rejoice, as the site has become quite popular (if for no other reason than film geeks obsessed with being in the know). Ford notes customer feedback supporting this assertion, saying, “We’ve had people comment that wearing our shirts when you cross paths with a fellow aficionado is like giving each other a silent, secret handshake.”.