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Liam Reeve wins 3 T-shirts from our range for submitting this great holiday snap of himself wearing our ‘Overlook Hotel’ T-shirt at the Timberline Lodge Oregon, USA. Fans of Stanley Kubrik’s ‘The Shining’ will know that the external scenes of this building were used as the unforgettable ‘The Overlook Hotel’ in the film. If you’re visiting any film locations or have any ideas you’d like to submit for our ‘Best Picture for August 09’ send them in to us at for a chance to win too.

4 NEW Embroidered Caps

We’ve added a couple more things to our ‘MISC’ section today including these cool new embroidered caps. Click on the image to take a look.

4 NEW embroidered caps


Last Exit to Nowhere feature in the August edition of Wired Magazine…

Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts

Recognise the Tyrell Corporation’s logo? Wouldn’t let HAL 9000 anywhere near your Wi-Fi? Know where the Overlook Hotel is? Then Last Exit to Nowhere has the T-shirts for you. Anyone can wear a shirt bearing the name of their favourite film, but these shirts go way beyond that, showcasing obscure fictional brand names and locations from dozens of cult sci-fi, horror and comedy movies.

Wired Magazine 2009

Second person on Gormley's plinth wears a Last Exit Tshirt

Last Exit T-shirt on Gormley's plinth

A Last Exit T-shirt has become a work of art thanks to Jason Clark as he occupies the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square today in London. The project by artist Antony Gormley entitled ‘One & Other’ will see a different person take their place on the empty fourth plinth every hour 24 hours a day for 100 days. Photos by Jim Dyson and Peter Macdiarmid (Getty Images). For more information about ‘One & Other’ visit the website

NEW The Italian Job homage T-shirt

Charlie Croker's Coach Tours T-shirt

A homage to one of the best-loved classic British capers ‘The Italian Job’ and brand new to the Last Exit to Nowhere range, this ‘Charlie Croker’s Coach Tours’ T-shirt is a must have for Michael Caine fans this summer. Click on the image to buy one for yourself.