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Best Picture July 2008

Gregory Janiczek from Germany wins our Best Picture of July Competition, for composing this beautiful reproduction of the Back to the Future poster. The crew here were in stitches over this one! Thanks to all submissions this month.

Back to the Future

Will Evans meets Christopher Lloyd

Last Exit customer Will Evans sent us this great picture of himself with legendary actor Christopher Lloyd. We think this one would look good on the mantlepiece, above the fireplace – it’s got that old school photo appeal to it, and we love it. Will gets a FREE T-shirt from our range for sending it in.

Will Evans meets Christopher Lloyd

Ed Byrne on BBC2 wearing our USCM T-shirt

The Irish comedian Ed Byrne was on the BBC’s ‘Mock The Week’ last night sporting a rather nifty Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirt. As well as being a top comedian, he’s also got great dress sense. Click on the picture to visit his website.

Ed Byrne

Kyle Reese from Terminator

Joey Milun sent us this picture of him wearing a Last Exit to Nowhere ‘Cyberdyne’ T-shirt and Michael Biehn (aka Kyle Reese from the film Terminator). Click on the picture to buy a Cyberdyne T-shirt for yourself.

Kyle Reese from Terminator