Last Exit to Nowhere

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Thanks to all.

We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to all the great people we met over the weekend at NEC’s Memorabilia Show – including our good friend Robocop, from the non-profit making charity fundraisers Star Warriors (click on the image for more info about them). Thanks to all involved for making it a successful event.

Memorabilia November 2008

Last Exit T-shirts used in the new series of The IT Crowd

The third instalment of the brilliant ‘The IT Crowd’ written by Graham Linehan (Father Ted, Black Books) returns to our screens at the end of November. We were honoured when they asked us for a handful of Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts for Chris O’Dowd’s character, Roy. Click on the image to visit The IT crowd website and make sure you tune in to watch the new series.

The IT Crowd: Version 3

Best Picture September 08

Panos Tsakloglou wins Best Picture for September 08. If you think you can do better this month, send your pictures to us. Winners get a FREE T-shirt from our range.

Panos Tsakloglou vs Alien

Best Picture August 2008

Joe Lynch

Tony Marsh submitted this picture of director Joe Lynch at Frightfest. Apparently Joe was so excited about the Nostromo Tshirt that Tony was wearing, he got a little over excited! Tony wins best picture of August and gets a free Last Exit T-shirt.