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NEW Halloween homage T-shirt

Haddonfield T-shirt

Inspired by the fictional town in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic ‘Halloween’ and brand new to the Last Exit to Nowhere range are these stylish Haddonfield T-shirts – a must have for any horror movie aficionado.

Stick 'Em Up II WINNER

Stick 'Em Up II WINNER

The winner of our Stick’Em Up competition is Andrew Marson from Wigan with this great looking image taken whilst on holiday in Istanbul this year. With every purchase you make from us you should receive a complimentary Last Exit to Nowhere ‘EXIT’ sticker. Use it in an interesting way and send us pictures of it for a chance to win 3 T-shirts from our range too. This competition isn’t limited by a timescale and winners are chosen at our discretion. Send entries to – it’s all about the placement!

NEW Big Trouble in Little China homage T-shirt

The Pork Chop Express T-shirt

“This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express, and I’m talkin’ to whoever’s listenin’ out there.”

Inspired by John Carpenter’s 1986 classic ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ and NEW to the Last Exit to Nowhere range are these fine looking ‘The Pork Chop Express’ T-shirts. Click on the image to buy one.

NEW Taxi Driver homage T-shirt

King Kong Company T-shirt

“My life has taken another turn again. The days can go on with regularity over and over, one day indistinguishable from the next. A long continuous chain. Then suddenly, there is a change.”

This new T-shirt to the Last Exit to Nowhere range is based upon the ‘King Kong Company’ patch Travis Bickle wears on his jacket in the 1976 film Taxi Driver.

Best Picture August 2009

Best Picture August 09

This month’s winner of our ‘Best Picture of August 2009’ competition is Angle (Dave) from Sheffield in the UK with this brilliant Predator versus Alien image, all entirely composed in Photoshop. We love the attention to detail and the fact that they’re battling over one of our tees – nice touch. Angle wins 3 T-shirts of his choice from our range.

If you have any ideas you’d like to submit for our ‘Best Picture for September 09’ send them in to us at for a chance to win too.

The Slaughtered Lamb, East Proctor

The Slaughtered Lamb, East Proctor

We’ve tweaked our ‘The Slaughtered Lamb’ T-shirt design slightly and also included the ‘East Proctor’ reference, which is of course the fictional setting from the film An American Werewolf in London. This T-shirt is now available in a darker navy colour. Click on the image for further information.