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Bai Ling with customer

The actress Bai Ling with John Santo from TMZ.

Objects of Desire

SFX December 2007 writes;

“Here’s a cool idea: t-shirts with the logos of fictitious companies and places. This one’s for Weyland Yutani, the evil corporation from the Alien movies, but there are loads more in the range, allowing you to pretend that you’re an employee of Cyberdyne Systems, survived a visit to The Shining’s Overlook Hotel, or been on holiday to Halloween’s Haddonfield”.

SFX December 2007

Empire Magazine October 2007

Empire October 2007 writes;

“T-shirts from fake movie corporations. Because sci-fi brand names are cool”.

“For those who find wearing the title of their favourite movie just a little too obvious, the T-shirts at provide the cool/über-nerdy alternative of sporting a logo associated with your choice flick. True fans will be able to identify the examples below”.

Empire Magazine


Playboy February 2008

Playboy asked us for a couple of shirts for a feature in their February edition, how could we refuse?