Last Exit to Nowhere

— Best picture of the month —

APRIL 2008

Daniel Brent wears our Devil's Tower T-shirt

Best picture of April 2008

Daniel Brent wearing a Last Exit to Nowhere Devil’s Tower T-shirt, faithfully recreates the scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind where Richard Dreyfuss seemingly loses the plot. Daniel wins a free T-shirt for winning our best picture of April competition.


alien small

Best picture of March 2008 Winner

All submissions for the best picture were great this month, so thanks very much to all involved. This month’s winner is Neil Alcock from BBC Political Programmes. Neil gets creative with his Nostromo T-shirt (Alien).


Charlie Griffiths wears Tyrell

Best picture of February 2008

This month’s winner is Charlie Griffiths, guitar instructor for Total Guitar magazine. Charlie wears a Tyrell T-shirt (Bladerunner) for the magazine’s free tutorial DVD. Click on the picture to buy one for yourself.