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The winner of our Best Picture of the Month Competition for April 2019, winning three Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts of his choice is Brian Larson, pictured here at the former Industrial Light & Magic warehouse in Van Nuys, California. Brian writes: “I found the original location of Industrial Light and Magic when it was in a small warehouse in Van Nuys, California. Next to my photo, I have included a reference image of a photo taken in 1977 when they were shooting the surface of the Death Star (I brought the plans, 42 years late, via my LETN shirt). Of course, Industrial Light and Magic has long since moved to San Francisco and the building is now just a random sign company. I wonder if they have any idea of the amazing cinematic moments that came out of their building so many years ago!”

If you’d like to enter our competition this month for the chance to WIN 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts of your choice, then send your image to us by email: We also accept submitted photos sent to us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – All images must contain a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere in some way.