Last Exit to Nowhere

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30 Second Homemade Movie Competition winners

Our 30 Second Homemade Movie Competition has been a real success and we’d like to thank everyone that got involved this time round. It was too difficult to call, so we have two joint winners:

The wonderfully comic Gerald Bermundo (wins 10 T-shirts)

And the magnificently macabre John & Fraser Campbell (wins 10 T-shirts)

Second place goes to:
Max Pacheco (wins 5 T-shirts)

Third place goes to:
Miguel Cardoso (wins 3 T-shirts)

Thank you all again for all you hard work and ideas. We’ll be running a similar competition later on in 2011.

Best Picture November 2010

Best Picture November 2010

Sean Steele wins our Best Picture of the Month Competition with this awesome The Lost Boys inspired image. A big thank you as always to all the entries sent in this month, we appreciate all your efforts. If you’d like to have a go at winning 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts this month for yourself, then send us your photo/image to: