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Playboy Feb 08

Playboy February 2008 writes:

Movie geeks – sorry, “film buffs” – are just as obsessed as sports fanatics, but they have fewer accepted ways to show their love. You can wear a Raiders cap almost anywhere, but a Pirates of the Caribbean jacket reads “I have no life. Please punch me.” Luckily, the U.K.-based company Last Exit to Nowhere ( understands both the urge to represent and the need for discretion. Its faux souvenir tees cost around $40 and reference such fictional places and entities as the Tyrell Corporation (Blade Runner), Camp Crystal Lake (Friday the 13th), the USCSS Nostromo (Alien) and Amity Island (Jaws). So you’ll be pegged as a movie nerd only by the like-minded – at least until Last Exit makes one for Adams College.