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The Best Picture of the Month winner for March 2017 is Simon Blake with this great photo.

Simon writes: ‘I attached a Weyland Yutani patch to my bag and trekked up to Gangkar Puensum, in northern Bhutan. The camp the previous day was nicknamed Camp LV426 due to sheer scale of the valley we found ourselves in. I went in search of alien lifeforms and found the bone sample which I safely wedged in side of my bag. So far, I have been unable to run DNA, so I could have brought the alien back to earth…I wonder if this is the highest location for LETN merchandise? Photo taken at 15,000 feet in the Himalayan foothills, with Tibet on the other side of the mountain.’

Simon wins 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts of his choice. If you’d like to enter our competition this month for the chance to WIN 3 Last Exit to Nowhere T-shirts of your choice, then send your image to us by email: We also accept submitted photos sent to us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. All images must contain a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere in some way.