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Best Picture November 2011

Best Picture November 2011

The winner of our Best Picture of the Month Competition for November is Paul Telling from Wiltshire with this great photograph of his 3 year old son Jack and a six foot long Sand Tiger Shark. Paul wins 3 T-shirts of his choice from our range. If you’d like to enter our Best Picture Competition for December then please email your image to: – All entries must contain a reference to Last Exit to Nowhere in some way.

An homage to It's a Wonderful Life

Bedford Falls T-shirt

“Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” New T-shirt added today to the Last Exit to Nowhere range. Inspired by the fictional town featured in the classic film It’s a Wonderful Life.

The Three Barrels

The Three Barrels T-shirt

“This shark, swallow you whole.” A brand new design and concept for Last Exit to Nowhere. A four colour screen print on a regular fit, 100% ultra cotton navy t-shirt. Inspired by the film Jaws.

Best Picture October 2011

Best Picture October 2011

The winner of our Best Picture of the Month Competition for October 2011 is Kairhan Orymbaev, pictured in our Aliens inspired T-shirt. Kairhan wrote: “Today I met Sigourney Weaver! She came to Almaty ‘Eurasia Movie Festival’. It was very surprising because actors of her class actually don’t visit our country. Usually all we see is Steven Seagal or other ‘B’ movie stars. She was looking great! Answered some questions and promised that some day she will come back to Almaty (I really hope!). I was very happy to wear your special t-shirt in this special day of my life.” If you’d like to have a go at entering our competition for November, then please send your image to: – all images must reference Last Exit to Nowhere in some way.