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movieScope Review

The March/April edition of movieScope wrote this great article about Last Exit to Nowhere:

“Whether you are looking to impress at your next audition with your knowledge of film, or just want to indulge your passion for all things film-related. the range of seriously cool clothing from the boys at Last Exit to Nowhere may be just what you’re looking for this summer. Described in the press from Australia to the USA as ‘the greatest T-shirt company on the web’ Last Exit to Nowhere are the stuff of legend. Forget the predictable movie merchandise found at markets; their range of T-shirts and hooded tops make intelligent and subtle references to your favourite films, while being stylish designs in their own right. From logos like The Paper Street Soap Company (Fight Club) and Dapper Dan hair wax (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) to more oblique references like Abe Froman: Sausage King of Chicago (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), Last Exit to Nowhere allude to the wearer’s knowledge, as well as their taste in films; an approach which has made them a favourite with celebrities and fans alike. Anyone for a drink at the Winchester Tavern? Check out the fantastic range at”