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Back to the Future Blu-Ray Boxset Christmas Competition

Back to the Future Trilogy Boxset

Xirtam Knight’s winning entry for our Back to the Future Blu-Ray Boxset Christmas Competition:

If I could go back in time, this is how it would play out…

Steve Miller Band’s song “Fly Like An Eagle” playing in the background

- Camera focuses at the sky -

…I am at 30000 ft above ground in a private airplane, the main door is wide open, air is gushing violently in and out with all sorts of papers and objects colliding everywhere and the sun is beaming on the plane while I am placing in my left wrist the most bad-ass futuristic watch you ever saw—its black with retro-styled lights, intricate gears, and the doc brown enterprise logo glowing radiation yellow right in the center

Steve Miller: …Time keeps on slippin’, into the future…

I make the jump!! (Contrary to Steve Miller, time will start slippin into the past)

- Camera follows me -

With the biggest grin on my face I twirl and make all sorts of skydiving maneuvers while screaming in pure excitement. Getting too caught up in the excitement I realize I am running out of sky

- Camera focuses back to the watch -

It reads out the year destination:1970
It reads out how many feet left to enter the “time jump zone”: 100ft

Bright lights ala flux capacitor radiates from my watch, illuminates my face, followed by a single sonic boom! – I am now falling again from 30000ft but of 1970’s sky…parachute gets released at the appropriate time and quickly descend.

So the question…why 1970? Well I’ll be going on the ultimate quest to have Farah Fawcett fall in love with me!

In my reality time travel is possible via a watch that has tachyon properties that react with the natural laws of gravity, namely, falling.

The higher I make the jump, the farther back in time I go. 30000ft happened to be the sweet spot to reach 1970. In order to get back I must make a jump from 30000ft once more from the year 1970—Interestingly, if I wanted to go to the future beyond my current year of 2010 I would have to make the jump beyond 30000ft. In essence, I would have to go to the past in order to time travel to the future. But of course I wont be doing that since Ill be at the roller rink with Farah having a good time ;)

Skydiving+time travel watch = “Falling” in love success story.


P.S. Back to the future is my favorite movie of all time!!…pun totally intended ;)