Last Exit to Nowhere

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The September 2010 issue of DVD & Blu Ray Review magazine wrote:

Movie fans are catered to en masse these days: how many Superman ‘S’ T-shirts have you seen people wearing this week? All of which means that anybody who wants to show their appreciation of film can find it hard to stand out from the crowd. Which is where Last Exit to Nowhere comes in…

This unique brand was founded in 2007 by Mike Ford, who brings his tongue-in-cheek love of everything cinematic – from Jaws and Deliverance to Ghostbusters and Shaun Of The Dead – to his designs. He uses left-field ideas to give his shirts and hoodies a unique feel; you have to be a fellow fan of the movie in question to get the reference. And that’s COOL. There’s a Hill Valley High School (Back to the Future) top or one bearing the name of the Alien ship, the Nostromo: you can choose from your favourite when you subscribe to Review this month. Beats a Superman logo any day.