Last Exit to Nowhere

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Times Online Review

Daniel Bettridge writes a piece about Last Exit to Nowhere in his Times Online article “Geek Chic: 10 perfect T-shirts for a Summer of blockbusters.”:

“Did I fall asleep and wake up in some kind of bizzaro world? Suddenly it’s cool to be a geek. I mean really cool.

Finally our time has come my geeky brethren. No longer must we huddle together in the darkened corners of comic book stores; instead we are free to walk the earth without fear of derision from our peers. Geek is officially chic, but never fear if you weren’t lucky enough to win a spiffy Rorschach hoodie in our Watchmen competition, as the Internet is awash with nerdy apparel. Here are just a few of our favourites from the dressing up box of awesomeness that’s the Internet.

Sometimes you want your geekiness to run up and slap people round the face with a comically sized fish, and sometimes you want it to creep up on them. Last Exit To Nowhere specialise in the latter with t-shirts that only you and the other 10% of insiders in the population will get, like this OCP company shirt from the Robocop movies.”