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Inspired by John Carpenter's The Thing (1982)

An iron-on patch with adhesive backing.  Patch Size: 115mm x 65mm. Inspired by the fictional Norwegian team featured in the film, John Carpenter's The Thing. Place with the adhesive side down on the garment, cover with a damp cloth and then iron each area in 10 second intervals until it feels secure. Check the ironing instructions of your garment beforehand to make sure it is applicable.  Please note these patches come with an unfinished ‘raw’ edge so it may require a fixing stitch to secure the patch to items.

I must admit, I was initially sceptical. Then I ordered and saw the quality of your shirts, fit, texture and realised I was hooked. I would definitely be shopping over and over again. Managed five T-shirt's in eighteen days so far. Somewhere out there in Saudi Arabia, would be a Londoner proudly wearing these shirts while promoting your brand. Keep up the good work.

Ajani, UK
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